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Social Media Management.

We are concerned with the proactive measures and tools that can be implemented to ensure that there is a maximization of potential growth regardless of forum. We offer content creation, post-scheduling, advertising campaigns, customer engagement management, and analytic analysis and reporting.

Graphic Design.

We firmly believe in approaching design with a 21st century lens. Our designs compliment and enhance brand identity.  We utilize industry-leading design software that augment the possibilities of creating dynamic content. We design logos, flyers, billboards, television ads, signage, packaging and much more! 



Website Design and Development.

E-commerce is a necessary component of any 21st century business model and we are able to create dynamic websites to suit the needs of your specific business. We are equipped to design user interfaces, facilitate online selling, and even integrate online payment gateways. 


Event Planning and Management.

The success of an event is measured by the overall satisfaction of the attendees. We create dynamic events that possess a cohesive theme with appropriate color palettes, digital multimedia displays, streaming compatibility and other services as requested. 


About Us.

Dry Paints


True Creative Studios is an organization built upon the pillars of excellence, creativity and innovation - and as such, we are positioned to curate and communicate brand stories that are rooted in authenticity, with foresight for business growth and sustainability. Inspired by the stories of our clients, we endeavour to represent and uphold the vision of our clients.


The establishment of our company in 2020 was rooted in the creation of a company that saw the amalgamation of career, skills and passion within the creative space.  As a digital marketing agency, our company is emboldened by our mission to develop, enhance and restore brand identities and corporate narratives.

Our Clients.
Bagalito Enterprises
The Insurance Industry Credit Union
Fatima College
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